Happy Birthday, Kevin!


Kevin turned 22 last week! It was our first married birthday together, which means I learned how he is most loved on his birthdays. I tend to LOVE surprises and not knowing what is planned, but he likes to know the game plan from start to finish. Prior to knowing this, plan A was to surprise him with a day trip to the bourbon trail. He has wanted to go since his last birthday, but we just never carved out a weekend to make the trip. After mulling it over a bit, I decided it would be better to throw the whole surprise element out the window since it was his birthday and not mine! Turns out he just wanted a simple, low-key get together. After the two of us went out for pizza and beer, we had some people over to our tiny apartment and played Game of Things. It was a fun night & Kevin loved getting to hang out with some of his closest friends. On his actual birthday he just wanted a homemade meal and a cheesecake (instead of a birthday cake). He loves original cheesecake, no fruit, just plain. I thought it couldn’t be too hard, so I attempted my first homemade cheesecake… and burnt my first homemade cheesecake. Kevin would say it was “toasted” not burnt, but it was a pretty dark brown on top. He was so gracious about it and told me he loved me more than having a perfect cheesecake on his birthday 😉 He’s the best.

Overall, even though it was a bit rocky figuring out how to best celebrate him, it was good pioneering through it together AND it helped me figure out how to better love him as a wife.

Love you Kevin, you are my best friend and I love being your wife. Here’s to (prayerfully) many more birthdays together!

(Oh, and this picture was taken in Puerto Rico on our honeymoon – he is actually not that tan now 😉


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