About Me

Welcome to this little space I call Under Grace. I’m Christie Drake. I am a Christ follower, a wife, Oaks member; a social worker, reader, coffee-wine-food lover; goldendoodle owner, nest maker, and wannabe world traveler.  My husband, Kevin, and I live in a cozy, two bedroom apartment in Middletown, OH and attend the Oaks Community Church. We moved to Middletown a few years ago to be a part of what God is doing in this city.  I love calling this place home and doing life with the people here.

I hope to share how God’s grace transforms every area of life. Life can so easily rush by without letting us stop to consider what it’s all for. I believe as a Christian that the Father’s grace, displayed in his Son Jesus Christ and revealed by his Spirit, is the definitive and foundational truth to all questions of existence.  From being a wife, to a local church member, to working with kids with Autism, I am constantly learning more about how the good news of the Gospel changes everything.  Please join me as I fumble my way through this ordinary and confusing, yet unbelievably beautiful, life under grace.

Romans 6:14


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